Our Decision

Our Decision

to accept the Exchange

Will you continue to trust in yourself and your own way, or will you transfer your trust to Jesus and what He has done to save you from your sin?

Imagine a point of no return on a river where the current from a large water fall is too powerful for a boat to navigate safely. It’s marked clearly with warnings, because if a boat passes that point, it is bound to be pulled by the current over the roaring falls. Imagine absentmindedly rowing a boat past that line.

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Suddenly you realize what you have done and try to turn around, but it is too late. No matter how hard you row, you’re still being pulled inch-by-inch closer to impending doom. Suppose someone on the shore sees your plight and expertly throws a rope across your lap. Now you have a choice to make. Will you keep up your own efforts only to eventually plunge to sure destruction, or will you drop the oars of self-effort and trust the rope of safety?

It takes humility!

God opposes the proud, but gives grace to the humble.
James 4:6
God resisteth the proud, but giveth grace unto the humble.
James 4:6

Will you humble yourself and admit that your sin is an offense to our holy God? Will you admit that you can’t save yourself from His justice? Will you humbly trust Him and His finished work on the cross?

Please answer these questions carefully:

The best way to do that is to tell Him right now in a prayer. Here is a sample prayer, but praying “just the right words” isn’t what saves you. Your choice to depend on Jesus alone is what saves you from sin and its penalty. You can use this as a guide or just talk to Him from your heart.

Dear Jesus, I have sinned against Your holy nature and deserve judgment in hell. I believe that You loved me enough to die in my place. Please forgive me and save me from my sin. Exchange my sinful record for your holy one and give me eternal life in heaven. Right now, I put my trust in You alone. Thank you, Jesus. Amen.

If you just made this decision, we would like to send you some material that can help you grow in your new relationship with God. To receive this free literature, please contact us. We also have a four-lesson Bible study that deals with these truths more thoroughly.

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